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Your Child

Starting at a nursery can be an emotional time, both for you and your child. At Christopher Robin we're acutely aware of this and will do everything we can to make the transition as easy and worry-free as possible.

Your Child  

The Christopher Robin Way

Our Home Rooms

All of our home rooms offer a range of areas to explore and be comfortable and cosy in.  Each room has areas for creative and messy activities, life skill activities, book corners, role-play and much more.  All of the activities are at child height so that the children have access to all of the resources all of the time.  Each room also has a quiet place to sit and think or to curl up on a comfy cushion and take a nap.

The space the children use in the nursery is defined by their age and will, wherever possible, reduce the number of room changes that children have to make during their time with us. This gives our children a consistency of care and routine which in turn helps them to develop independence and self-esteem.

The ambience we create is designed to reflect the fact that the children are with us for a full day. For this reason our rooms are predominantly carpeted with a no shoe policy, and linoleum is used only where necessary: in areas used for eating or messy play.  Every room is fully air-conditioned for the warmer days.

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Your child's 'Key Person'

When your child joins one of our nurseries he or she will be paired up with a 'Key Person', a carer who will work with you to ensure that your child's physical, social and emotional needs are met. The key person will not, of course, be the only person caring for your child, but they will be your first point of contact whenever you'd like to talk to someone at the nursery about your child's development. We believe that a clear line of communication helps you, your child and us. As your child moves through the nursery their key person will change, but we believe that the key person system enables parents to know exactly who to talk to, should any issues arise.




We see the care of your children as a partnership between you and our nursery team. Parents are always welcome in the nursery and we hope you will view us as part of your extended family. We hold regular 'stay and play' sessions where you are invited to join your child for a morning or afternoon to see what your child's time at the nursery is like. We think it's a great idea for parents to come along for the pre-start visits before their child joins us. This not only enables you to get a better feel for the nursery and our staff but also to discuss your child’s preferences with us. All parents are offered pre-start visits before their child starts at the nursery.


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Your Child's Progression Through the Nursery


Our youngest children

Our baby areas are designed to be homely, bright and comfortable, and our focus is on giving the babies plenty of love, security and attention. The day is flexible and relaxed, and we follow a routine that echoes the children's own routine at home as much as possible. Your baby would follow his/her own sleep and feeding patterns with us. We also try to spend time in the nursery's lovely, well-equipped garden every day.


As we grow...

The aim of the nursery is to help children to develop into confident, happy, independent and co-operative individuals. This happens throughout the nursery but it is especially important for the toddlers and twos as these earliest years are formative and have a fundamental effect on your child's future development.

At this time children are very inquisitive and learn new skills incredibly quickly. We provide an environment where children can have fun while discovering, exploring and learning in safe and stimulating surroundings.


Moving on up

When your child needs to move up to an older group at the nursery, we do everything we can to ensure that the transition is as easy and stress-free as possible. You will always be consulted about the move and we will use a wide range of transition support mechanisms for both you and your child; these include personalised settling in visits, Key Person information cards, 'All About Me' parent review meetings every 3-6 months, inter-nursery Key Person accompanied settling-in visits for children moving homerooms, personalised photo books and 'My First Day' certificates.


Growing up and getting ready for 'big school'

As children get older at Christopher Robin they continue to have access to resources that meet not only their developmental needs but their individual interests; a circle time discussion about one child's visit to the seaside might become a group project on sea animals, castles or pirates! We provide a safe, educational environment in which your child can become more curious about the world around them and develop pre-skills they can put to good use at “big school”.

If your child attends on lesson day they will have the chance to join in our French conversation lesson.

When it comes to “big school” we make sure we communicate with your child’s school, we make school books; have uniform days and welcome teachers into the nursery so that they can gain a picture of your child before they join the school. We will always send a leavers report, with your comments included, to the school. We aim to help every child become as independent as possible in practical and self-care routines.


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